A typical session

Our younger campers, ages 5 - 10, join us for two weeks at a time. Older campers, ages 11 - 17, join us at camp for two weeks at a time. Every session takes on the unique flavor of the students, with key experiences we all share.

Opening activities

Although campers are studying many different languages, we are committed to fostering a single, supportive community of language learners at camp. We start every session with group activities to prepare campers for what it is like to communicate in a language other than their own.


Throughout the weeks of each session, themes develop that enable classes to share common experiences across the many languages we offer. For example: challenges and scavenger hunts may require classes to compete or collaborate, regardless of their language and level. A multicultural restaurant at lunchtime may require the input of all students. Past themes have included international travel and World Cup Week.


Some classes decide to invite parents to weekly shows highlighting skits and skills developed during the week.

Closing ceremonies

Every session culminates with exciting, multicultural events. Some recent favorites: an international art heist, the Linguistic Iron Chef Challenge, and LinguaZone Olympics.