Beginning Arabic

Using student friendly materials, a balance between thorough presentation and fun and game activities, this three-week course includes several topics. The course begins with:

Other cultural units will include getting acquainted with Arab dress styles and their religious and social norms, food items, and musical instruments. Finally, learners will acquire the vocabulary and structures to convey their needs, wants, and daily activities.

Grammatical forms and structures, naturally, accompany each of these topics. Students will discover that there are many differences in the form and word order between Arabic and English. They will learn that 1) non human items or things are assigned genders and so demonstrative articles and descriptions have to agree with the gender, 2) adjectives usually follow the noun, which is the opposite of English word order, 3) Arabic has two sentence structures, one of which does not include a verb, and 4) Arabic verbs have more form varieties (prefixes and suffixes) when associated with their pronouns.