Beginning Ancient Greek

Students will select a Persona based on collective historic research into biographies of Ancient Greek men and women. These Personae will be the vehicle for learning about ancient Greek history, mythology, and culture. We will design wardrobes using Greek costumes, write biographies, role-play our Personae, and re-create the political and social contexts of each Persona. We will set up signage for the classroom of basic conversational phrases in Ancient Greek, as well as Images of each Persona. We will orient map-study and geography of the Ancient Mediterranean World through identifying methods of travel and trade routes. As a class project, we will set up a Greek market for “selling” items of interest for the other language-campers to visit. As an example of Greek foods, we will produce a “feast of the Gods,” including nectar and ambrosia, and a symposium with “wine,” olives, breads, dates, and cheeses, while acting Plato’s dialogue known as the Crito. We will be learning the language through fabulae/stories, exercises and study guides on basic points of grammar. This course includes projects in cooking, drawing, and 3-D constructions.

Texts: Nina Barclay’s Eucleides’ World; Chase and Phillips’ A New Introduction To Greek

Beginning Greek introduces the following: